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Love Actually [Dec. 8th, 2003|11:40 pm]
I've just got back from seeing Love Actually, the latest brit-flick romantic comedy thingy starting just about everyone currently good in British film.

The concept is something like: about 6 or 7 different short love stories, set in the run up to Christmas, all intertwined together (to a greater or lesser degree).

As such, you don't get very much development on any story, so some tend to look a bit contrived. However, some do get enough screen time to work well, and all work reasonably effectively, so the whole thing fits together and flows as one.

It's not a film that requires too much thought (well, beyond trying to keep track of a very large number of rapidly introduced characters, since it flits between them all quite quickly at the start, and introductions are shorter than normal). That said, it's a nice feel good film, which does touch on quite a few issues (Hugh Grant as primeminister is one, which works very well). I'm sure it'll be a Christmas favourite in years to come, and is probably worth seeing now (especially as the Phoenix is having a quiet week)