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Co-op morning (n) - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Co-op morning (n) [Dec. 14th, 2003|05:40 pm]
[music |DJ Fish Finger - Tiffany's Tuna Farm]

A morning where, for some reason, having breakfast at home would make me later for work than I'd like to be, and so I buy breakfast from the Co-Op in Woodstock on my way past, and eat at my desk.

My usual co-op breakfast fare is a couple of croissants. Occasionally, they don't have any, and I'm forced to have pan au-choclate, shocking. And yes, it is quicker to stop, park (there are lots of spaces just outside) and buy croissants than to eat at home. Mostly this can be traced to all the other things I end up doing during a breakfast at home, like washing up, watering herbs, reading the paper etc...

I know it's been a late week when, on a Friday, one of the women on the till spots me queuing up with my two croissants, and queue jumps me (since it only takes about 20 seconds to buy them).
You'd be surprised just how many people there are queuing up in the Woodstock Co-Op at about 9 in the morning, waiting to pay.