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Quiet Virgin Train - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Quiet Virgin Train [Dec. 30th, 2003|02:55 pm]
[music |EchoBelly - 02-King Of The Kerb]

On my way home yesterday, I got a number of trains. Firstly, I got a local service from Morpeth to Newcastle. After that was a GNER from Newcastle to York, which was disappointingly both full and late... Then came something that really shocked me:

Dead quiet virgin train

Yup, it was a dead quiet Virgin Voyager train. Not only were there hardly any people on it (3 in the carriage when I got on, maybe 20 by the end), but it even ran early!

Finally, I changed at Tamworth of all places (due to engineering work near Birmingham), and caught another Virgin train down to Oxford. However, this one was late and heaving, so all was once again correct with the world ;-)