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NTL! :-) - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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NTL! :-) [Nov. 7th, 2002|04:55 pm]
[music |Blur - 13]

NTL were due to come and install cable today. They gave us a time of 1-5pm for the install, but we took it with a pinch of salt.

So, I made it home from the lab about 1:30pm, and to my amazement, there were two NTL guys already drilling holes in the walls! By 2:30 it was all done, and apart for having to get out a map so they could find the NTL head to go activate things, all was fine. They left the TV box plugged in, the cable modem plugged in and turned on, and gave me the install CD.

All seemed to be going well with the install, until it came to the registration step (well, apart for the fact that they'd got our landlord's name wrong, but it was close...). I kept being told that my cable modem was already registered.

After 10 minutes waiting on the phone, I finally got through to a person, who took my details and put me on hold. An impressive 10 minutes later (almost hung up....) he came back, asked me a few more things, went away for a few minutes etc. Eventually, he told me to reboot my computer, and it all worked. Something to do with it being a modem that'd been with someone else previously, and they hadn't properly unregistered it.

So, I'm now online. Not sure as who - I never did finish the registration step.... but hey, it all works now :)