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Grr, why am I never near LJ when I want to be...? - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Grr, why am I never near LJ when I want to be...? [Nov. 17th, 2002|02:37 pm]
[music |WIUS Pure Student Radio - Indiana University (High Bandwidth) -]

In the past week, I think I must've composed about 3 or 4 entries, which never got written as by the time I got the time at a computer, I'd forgotten them, grr...

I'm off home for a funeral later, but maybe tonight I'll try to remember a few of them and write them.

In other news, last night I went to see Rabbit Proof Fence at the Phoenix. I'd meant to go and see this when it was a members preview, but I was too busy that day. Will was up for the weekend, so myself, Tisme, Dom and Gail all made the massive trek round the corner to go see it. Impressively, we got some of the last seats, and the place was actually full!

For those who don't know much about the film, it's about "The Stolen Generations", where the Australian government decided it was in the best interests of the Aboriginal people to remove some of their children (especially the "half-caste's", the mixed blood ones) to special camps. The Americans did a similar thing too, and I read a good book recently (can't remember the name) about how the law that was put in place afterwards (which actively prevents the removal of indian children from their tribes) affected people. But anyway, back to the film. As you can imagine, it's quite a contentious thing to make a film about. In order to get funding from the Australian Film Council, they had toned down a discussion on what had happened, and it was quite a strong character story. It was based on the true story of 3 girls from a family who were taken 1200 miles to a camp, escaped, and walked home! Both sides were shown - the government's position was explained in terms of how they thought they were helping, and the girls and their family in how it affected them. Personally, I'd have liked more information on the whole "Stolen Generations" thing, but I doubt they could've put any more in without changing the character of the film, and/or putting in doubt government funding for the film.

In summary, quite a good and moving film, well worth watching, and hopefully it'll spark the showing of a few documentaries on similar matter.

When we got back, we watched some more of Buffy season 7. Episode 5 has more singing! - see here to grab the tracks.

On the humerous note - take a look at http://www.pctyrant.com/amazonjava.html. Note quite the top spoof that Dave Green mentioned in his
compsoc talk on wednesday, but still quite funny.