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Bumping into people - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bumping into people [Feb. 15th, 2004|06:07 pm]
I seem to have a strange knack for bumping into people from school when involved in Lifesaving events.

Take first the case of Neil Haige, who I knew from both school and county orchestras. We went to Warwick, and was very hard to get hold of. I went up to Warwick for Lifesaving things three times while he was there, and each time failed to get in touch with him before hand. On two of those occasions, I bumped into him - once in the Union and once in the changing rooms of the sports centre. All attempts to find him outside Lifesaving events failed.

Next we have Ozman Ahmed, who was in my class for two years. I didn't know where he'd gone, but still managed to bump into him in the Union at Southampton at the last Lifesaving competition there. More impressive was the fact that by then he'd left uni, and just happened to be back visiting some friends.

Finally, we have Chris Pierce. In my class for two years, and came to Oxford after a gap year. I completely failed to see him the entire time he was studying here. Last night (Varsity Lifesaving social) I bumped into him in the Purple Turtle. He was back visiting friends (as he's know doing a phd in Milton Keynes, of all places)

What is it about Lifesaving events that seems to allow me to bump into people from school?