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On the migratory patterns of green boxes - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On the migratory patterns of green boxes [Mar. 18th, 2004|05:51 pm]
If you don't live in Oxford itself, you might not know about green boxes, well, not the ones I'm meaning anyway. They look a lot like this:

Being a house that's quite big on recycling, we quickly found that one box wasn't enough for us, so we asked the council for a second. Very grudgingly, they did give us another, but muttered about how we really shouldn't need that many...

Then, shock horror, we lost one! So, we labeled our remaining one up with our address, and a request not to steal it. The next week, a spare one was to be found, so we claimed it and labled it, and all was fine. We had our two boxes, no-one would pinch them, and we had space for all our recycling.

Just before Christmas, one of our very well labled boxes took a walk. This was then the second one that we'd lost. Luckily, the following week, we found another, labeled it up, and all was fine. In subsequent weeks, we'd occasionally only find one of our boxes along with an unlabeled one, only to find ours returned by the next day. Given that everyone puts their boxes outside their houses, the bin men move them all into one area, load the lorry from them, then redistribute it isn't all that surprising.

Then, two weeks ago, we got a labeled box back. Our missing box, MIA since Christmas, had returned, still labeled. As we've recently discovered plastic recycling at Sommerfields (we can't put plastic out in our boxes), we opted to use the newly returned box for that. All was good, except for the lack of work surface space....

This week, we put out our two boxes, and after we could only find one labeled one, plus an un-labeled one. Not too unusual a situation, so we grabbed ours, and waited for someone to swap the spare for our second one.

We returned home today, to find a letter. It'd been hand delivered "to the occupiers". It was a most interesting letter.

It appeared that our missing box had been found. Only thing is, it'd been found in Chestnut drive, which is about a mile away, just on the north of Old Headington. They had put their own (un-labeled) box out, and found ours in its place after. Feeling sorry for a box labeled with an address and the note "Please Don't Steal Me", they sent us a letter describing its fate.

So, I popped up their with the spare one, and swapped it. All happy, we're back to our three. Who knows how it got all that way though...

From: hsenag
2004-03-18 10:38 am (UTC)
Is it possible that they take the boxes, sort them on board, and leave one there to replace the one they took? In that case, us labelling them must be causing havoc for them...
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-03-18 05:00 pm (UTC)


I've never read a live journal before and happened across urs through a serch engine. I'm interested! why do u write it and how long have u been doing it? where can i find others? do people taylor them to a particular theme? i'd give u my details but i'm a techno-phobe and dont know the lingo. if i tick the live journal user box does that mean i write my own journal or that i just read others?

keep writing

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