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More Rio Karma [Apr. 12th, 2004|10:50 pm]
I've had the Rio Karma for nearly a week now, and I've had a good play with it in that time, so here goes some more thoughts on it.

Firstly - it really is small:

(that's comparing it to my old Diamond Rio 300).

Secondly, the ethernet file syncing is great. Plug it in, it grabs a DHCP lease. You point a web browser at it, and get a java management application. Run that (then set the network password on the Karma, or you won't be able to log in), and off you go. Tag a file or a directory, and it'll send it over. If it's already on there, it won't send it again. Nifty.

Using it to play music is a breeze to. You can opt to play by artist, album, track, playlist, all the usual stuff, and that's dead easy. What's nice is the "Rio DJ" function. With this, you can ask it to build up nifty playlists for you. There are lots of options here, but they include some handy things like "all the music added in the last x days", "all the music not played in the last x days", "all the music I played yesterday", "30 minutes of my favorite tracks", and even "everything tagged as being from the 70s".

The user interface was a doddle to pick up - 5 way pointing stick for use in menus and play lists, and a jog wheel for jumping about in tracks / menus etc. Hilary picked it up equally quickly, so it's clearly not just geeks who grok it....

As portable music players go, it's very nice. Might not have the chic suave of an Ipod Mini, but at the same price (and 4x the storage, plus a nicer UI and ethernet), you really can't go wrong. Go on, buy one, you know you want to. Hell, bornagainbiker already has!

[User Picture]From: itchyfidget
2004-04-12 02:54 pm (UTC)
I must wave this post under Mr Itchy's nose - he desperately wants an iPod (partly for the cool but also partly because he has to move scads of data around a lot) ... this may yet tempt him!
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