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Vodafone, Bah - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Vodafone, Bah [May. 16th, 2004|09:48 pm]
I just gave my old Nokia 3650 phone to Ganesh, so he could play and see if he wanted to buy it. He popped in his sim card, turned it on, and got a sim card error.

Bah. It seems that for the symbian based phones, Vodafone have started relying on the evil orange trick of sim locking their phones. As such, my phone would only accept Vodafone sim cards, unless I rang up Vodafone and payed money for the unlock code.

This annoyed me, as Vodafone never used to steep to such levels, which was always a plus point. So, I turned to the internet, and quickly came across this - an OreillyNet article on unlocking 3650's. After a quick read, and a google for the software, I was away. Run the software (DCT4NCK.exe) under Wine (it works fine), set the code type to 5, entered the Vodafone network ID and my IMEI, and got my codes up. Following the advice, I tried code 7 first (didn't work), then code 1 (which did).

Phone unlocked, I waved it at Ganesh, who's sim card now worked fine. He's now playing with it, we'll have to see what he thinks.

Bah, Vodafone, Bah, that's all I can say now. They've started doing nasty things as a tax on stupidity / techofear (since anyone with clue can get the code, but anyone without can't), which is pesky. Leaves a bit of a bad taste, for what was once a very friendly network.