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Smallville - Chloe Chronicles - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Smallville - Chloe Chronicles [May. 28th, 2004|10:49 pm]
I only discovered about these yesterday, but it's a very nifty idea. Chloe only, short online episodes, as she investigates a wall of weird related incident.

Originally, there were 4 episodes + an intro, which can be found here. After the success of these, a second set were commissioned, which can be found here.

About the only problem with them is that they're designed for windows users. Hell, they originally appeared on AOL first, and only dribbled through to the real website some time after....

So, to view the first lot under Linux, you have to click a popup, get a "unknown plugin" up in the middle of a page, then view source, and eventually find the link. To save you time, they're 1-5, starting from http://i.cnn.net/thewb/trailer/quicktime/SM-ChloeChron1a-trl.mov

The second set are worse - you get popups, containing links to .asx files. From these, you can get out the mms:// locations of the episodes, and stream them down. Only, someone forgot, and only got around to linking to the first two episodes, even though more are on their mms server.... These live at mms://demand.stream.aol.com/turner/gl/thewb/home/wm/SM-Chronicles-01a_100k.wmv (numbers 1 through about 7 I think).

Now to go finish watching the second set :)

Update: Bah, seems only the third episode of the second set is available in this way. Can't find episodes 4+ :(