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Racing bikes [Jun. 6th, 2004|06:47 pm]
Over the past few months, the back tire on my racing bike had been looking more and me worn, and the wheel was missing a couple of spokes. Getting it all fixed was somewhere on my to-do list, but not near enough to the top.

Yesterday, when cycling around town, another spoke went. Made a bit of a noise banging against things, but wasn't really a problem once bent out of the way.

Still, I took this as an omen, and today went to get it sorted. Based on past (bad) experiences of the two big cycle shops on Cowley road, and Hilary's good experience with the small one opposite Tesco's, I headed there. The shop was very helpful, and were even willing to fit the wheel on a sunday.

So, after about two hours, I returned to get my bike (complete with new wheel, new Kevlar re-inforced tyre that should be puncture proof, and an inner tube that actually fitted), I was away. (Well, kinda, as I then spent a few hours lasing in the park....) Quite impressively, with both tyres nice and new, and fully pumped, I was able to keep up with the cars along Marston Road :)

I think racing bikes are the bike equivalent of SCSI. They cost only a little more to buy second hand (as I did before going to college). They tend to last much longer. When bits break, it costs a little more to get them fixed (I bought the bike for £50, have had it 5 years, and have probably spent about £150 on repairs on it over the years). Less people have them, but those who do know more about them. Most people who go over to them won't go back.

Oh, and they're a damned site faster :)

From: (Anonymous)
2004-06-13 11:12 am (UTC)

Re: Bikes

But your good ol' ATB is a lot more fun, and a good rider can get 'em fast enough.
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