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ColdFusionMX on debian - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ColdFusionMX on debian [Jun. 17th, 2004|04:29 pm]
After the sudden failure of a disk in one of our servers yesterday (one that we were considering turning on RAID for but hadn't....), I ended up doing a debian install last night. I used the testcase 1 installer, which is pretty good, apart for the bug where it won't install the kernel if the root is on an LVM or RAID partition.

Today, we were setting it up, and then for the crunch: would Cold Fusion MX install on it?

As it turns out, yes, quite happily. You need to install a compatibility library (an older version of StdC++), but the documents only talk about RedHat. Luckily there is a debian version, but it's hidden - stable / oldlibs. With that installed, you need to create an account for ColdFusion to run under, and then you can do the install.

If you have apache2, the installer will chuck the jrun module loading into the normally empty httpd.conf file. You probably want to split this out into a .load and a .conf entry in mods-enabled/, but you don't need to.

It seems to be playing very nicely now on debian, so all's good. Even verity runs, and we that didn't happen on older versions of RedHat :)