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Japanese Story [Jul. 4th, 2004|07:25 pm]
Last night, in an effort to escape from rampaging hoards of drunken teachers, Hilary and I went to see Japanese Story at the Phoenix.

I'd heard three things about this film. One was that it was a bit like Rabbit Proof Fence (which I saw at the Phoenix and liked), another that it was like Lost In Translation (again saw at the Phoenix and liked), and the final was that it was a generic love story.

Having seen the film, I'd say it's pretty good, but none of the above. Yes, it does feature shots of the Australian Outback, but they're quite different onces to RPF, and more impressive shots probably. Unlike LIT, the cultural shock goes many ways. Sandy doesn't "get" her Japanese charge, he doesn't "get" her, and neither of them "get" the Australians who're speaking Japanese and trying to show some of the culture. Also, it shows a quite different side of the cultural gaps to LIT.

Finally, it's only a generic love story for the middle third or so, but thankfully not too bad a one. After that, it certainly isn't. I won't spoil what happens, but suffice to say you can tell it isn't a standard Holywood production. It's good, just hard to pigeon hole. I'd definitely say it's one to look out for.