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Some things I'd like to code if I have time - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Some things I'd like to code if I have time [Jul. 14th, 2004|10:10 pm]
A LiveJournal client for my phone. Probably in J2ME (the kind of java you get on mobile phones). I've actually written most of this, just need to fix my J2ME development environment, and debug

A XMMS -> Rio Karma song popularity thingy. The Karma keeps track of what music you listen to, and can then do nifty things with the Rio DJ (favorite songs, ones you haven't listened to recently etc). Since I tend to listen to lots of music on XMMS, it'd be nice to feed this info to the Karma, for its stats. Will probably involve doing stuff with the rmmlite .jar file, based on the additional apps that you can get from here.

Better "pick the right screen, mouse and network settings based on where you are" support for my laptop, possibly with some expert system based learning. Currently just uses the network cards found, and the presence/absence of the battery, to pick between work, home or mobile. I'd like it to try (if wireless card is present) checking what SSIDs it can find, checking the time, and a few others, to improve the guess it makes. Oh, and I should probably make the actions more general, so someone else can use it....

Finish my branch of PhotoPub, so the static page generation works. This will then put me in a position to either merge up with Ganesh's branch, or rip out some of the innards to fix some of the pesky limitations (around how camera number works, and more importantly doesn't work when faced with multiple camera).

Play with SyncML some more, and try to get something that'll merge my email address book and phone address book, and possibly also my phone with the company calendar.

And probably a few more things besides