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Holiday [Aug. 3rd, 2004|10:46 pm]
During the midst of the thunderstorms this afternoon, I succeeded in booking a holiday. Hilary and I will be off to Tunisa in September, for a week at a Club Med there.

Booking it was surprisingly easy. The website wouldn't book it for the dates we wanted, as they were sold out of their guaranteed price air fares, so a call to their sales line was needed. Someone answered straight off, and was very friendly. They'd even been to one of the two places we were interested in, and were able to tell me how they compared to other clubs I'd been to in the past.

After a bit of poking of their computer, they lined up a possible flight and cost, and said they'd call me back once they had the flight confirmed. A few hours later they did call back, and for the list price they'd got us flights from Heathrow(!) there, but it will involve a short change in Tunis. Not too bad really, since the time wasted on the change will probably be made up for by it being quicker and easier to get to Heathrow than Gatwick. Now to practice my French....