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Like Minded People - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Like Minded People [Aug. 21st, 2004|12:37 pm]
It appears that we're now living with many like minded people.

On Wednesday, we met our neighbors with the other half of the semi. As we had a bottle of champagne in the fridge to celebrate, and a number of champagne flutes to use (an engagement present), we invited them over to have a drink.

It turns out they're both students, from a year or two ahead of us. She was a chemist, but is now doing a DPhil in Biochemistry (Hilary is doing BioPhysics). He studies german. They were recently married - legal ceremony somewhere else, then a college chapel service. The date of their wedding - Saturday 17th July this year. Yes, exactly the same weekend we've picked for next year!

As we chatted, we found a lot more in common. Unlike last year (where our house was definitely the odd one out), we're not amongst like minded people :)

Now to find some excuse to meet a few more of the people here. If only the weather would pick up enough for us to do something to meet the neighbors and enjoy the grass. Apparently, the people two houses down are Australian and have a very nice gas BBQ. The possibilities are endless...