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No Internet [Aug. 21st, 2004|12:41 pm]
I don't currently have internet at the new house (well, beyond GPRS). This is quite pesky, and wasn't supposed to happen...

Before moving in, I arranged with BT to get a line connected to the house. They gave me a phone number, and indicated it should be fine to order ADSL on it. Once the line stopped having the old resident's ADSL on it, I ordered ADSL from BlackCat Networks. They supplied the phone number, the phone account holder (me) and the address (new one) to BT, and BT accepted the order. All seemed well and good.

(I should add that I've done something like this before, when we got ADSL for the office. We placed orders for two new lines, and ADSL to go with them. The only difference was that was a new connection, and I was getting a reconnection this time. Still, I thought it ought to work as smoothly as before. How wrong was I...)

Then, on Tuesday, BT sent me a text to confirm they'd activated my line. Only one problem - it was on a different number. (They also sent me a letter that day with the same details in it) BlackCat then checked, and BT had happily put ADSL onto the phone
number I'd given them, which wasn't mine, and was going to a totally different house....

Luckily, BlackCat are a very cool provider, so looked into all this for
me. As best they could tell, their ADSL session really is going to the number I gave, and the BT checks to ensure it went to the right place didn't work (spectacularly. They were given two bits of info to ensure they had the correct number, but failed to check them). They hoped to be able to get BT to swap the ADSL to the right place, but that didn't work. They also don't know if the BT ADSL people will admit it's their fault they didn't verify the customer data before doing the install (they haven't so far). So BlackCat may get hit with a second install charge (which I'll then have to pay). In the mean time, they've ordered an install to the correct number.

So, I don't know when I will get my ADSL (best guess is tail end of next week). I don't know which (if any) bits of BT we'll be able to blame for them getting it all wrong (it's not like they're different companies or anything). I don't yet know if I will have to pay all of the second install fee, or if I can get some bit of BT to pay part of it. I don't know if BT will claim it's all my fault for trying to get ADSL to go with my new phone, rather than waiting several weeks then placing the order. I do know I owe the guys from BlackCat many many beers....

For now, it's GPRS at £2 / mb for me...