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Alias [Aug. 23rd, 2004|06:53 pm]
This weekend, I was mostly watching Alias. Well, actually, maybe not. Perhaps, "this weekend, the single occupation other than sleeping that I spent the most time on" was watching Alias. That's more like it. (I should point out that I spent much of the weekend doing the last of the unpacking, buying new things for the house, tidying up, setting up computers, usual sort of things)

About a month ago, having just finished my previous unwatched DVD box set, I decided to give Alias a try. A quick check on ebay showed the DVDs were quite sensibly priced, so I bought a combined box set of all three seasons. On Friday, with Hilary off walking with friends, I got around to starting to watch it.

I thought the pilot was OK, but not stunningly strong, but kept going. A few more episodes later, and I was largely hooked. Think part Dark Angel, part 24, part James Bond, with a twist of Buffy for good measure. Syndey Bristow is a grad student, hired by a secret branch of the CIA. Her cover is working for an investment bank, all is going well. Then, she discovers she's not working for the CIA after all, but for a rather nasty group instead. A quick trip to the real CIA, and a lot of them scratching their heads, and she's a double agent. Then things get fun.

It has good cliff hangers (thought possibly sometimes to the confusion of episodes - stories seem to start half way through one ep then run until half way to the next). Plot arcs come in big and small, and generally work (the one running thoughout seasion 1, if shades of Dark Angel, is most interesting. Don't spoil it for me though!). The characters fairly quickly find their feet, and work well after that. All in all, it's quite impressive.

Not sure how it slipped me by before (probably due to it starting while I was at uni, and none of the usual sources of TV access then were into it). I don't yet know if it will stay as good as it has been so far (since I'm only 2/3 of the way through s1), but I have hopes.

Now to go home, cook some dinner, then try to persuade Hilary she wants to jump halfway into the season and watch some more of it with me :)