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ADSL [Aug. 27th, 2004|01:48 pm]
At BlackCat's advice, I plugged my router in this evening, on the off chance BT had activated the line a day early. They had, so I'm now online :)

(Still haven't done anything about shouting at BT yet, been too busy at lunchtimes this week. Should either get around to it tomorrow, or on the weekend)

Annoyingly, the router is currently in the lounge, and not upstairs next to all the computers as planned. At the BT supplied termination box thingy, we have one socket, and one lead wired into the socket (at the BT supplied connection points, so it's all legit). From the socket we have an extension plugged in, going to the lounge (where the phone is). The extension wired into the socket goes upstairs, to the second bedroom.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a fault with the cable. Without a multimeter, it's hard to know what exactly is at fault. The wires at both ends seem properly seated in their connectors, and the same colours go to the same points. The phone connector in the room seems OK. However, plugging a phone in doesn't yield anything, just silence.

So, without a multimeter to test all the individual strands of the wire, and the connectors, I can't easily tell what the problem is. (Any suggestions on tests appreciated.) For now, I'm going to have to plug my wireless access point into the router, and just use wireless straight to it (it does do nat and dhcp by default). Once I have working wires to upstairs, I can then plug the router into pattertwig, the wireless into the other adapter on it, and have something proper doing my firewalling / nat / etc.

Still, I do now have adsl, so I can't complain too much!

(Delayed from last night, as LiveJournal was playing up then and not accepting my postings)

[User Picture]From: coalescent
2004-08-27 01:05 pm (UTC)
I'm online! [...] Livejournal was playing up.

Oh, the painful irony. :)
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