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Bah, my adsl router is breaking LiveJournal - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bah, my adsl router is breaking LiveJournal [Aug. 29th, 2004|07:26 pm]
It seems my adsl router is breaking LiveJournal. Either from my client, or from the web interface, I can't post new items. Fetching pages works fine, posting comments works fine. Whenever I try to post a new journal entry, it just hangs there waiting on the network, before timing it.

("ssh -D" + configuring your web browser for a socks v4 proxy is a very nifty thing, hence I can still post in a roundabout way)

The router seems to be at heart a "Conexant Systems Access Runner ADSL v3.4", but the box says it's a PTI-810 Adsl router (aka current Dabs value ethernet adsl router). Annoyingly, google doesn't seem to have any suggestions.

I'm going to have to hope that when I turn the router back into simple mode (when it's plugged straight into my desktop), it'll behave. For now, bah...