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Butchers [Nov. 2nd, 2004|08:51 pm]
(I wrote this post 2 weekends ago, but forgot to post it once I'd stopped breaking my ADSL, doh! So, here it is...)

Today, I visited both Sainsbury's and the organic butchers in the Covered Market. There was quite a difference, and it reminded me how much better a real butchers can be.

In Sainsbury's there was the usual selection. All of it was in little plastic trays, and none of it was quite what I was after. Having read "Not On The Label", I also know what's happened to a lot of it. Oh, and it wasn't all that cheap.

In the covered market, I headed to the organic butchers just before they closed. They were happy to see me, despite being about to close. I asked them for some stewing steak, and told them how much I wanted. The butcher found a nice bit of meat, and asked me how I'd like it cut. I asked for stewing sized lumps, and he proceeded to expertly and quickly chop my meat how I wanted it, from a larger piece. This meat actually looked nice...

Then, I asked for some lamb for roasting. He wandered off into the fridge, and wandered back with a suitable looking bit. Again, it looked so much better than the plastic covered lumps in a supermarket. Finally, I hadn't quite spent enough to use a debit card, so I asked for suggestions to spend enough. They had some very nice sausages in, so I got enough of them. It was all wrapped up nicely, and I was wished a nice weekend. Meanwhile, another customer was being advised on the best way to cook the duck she'd just bought. Oh, and the cost was about the same as Sainsbury's, only I'd got organic meat instead of normal.

All in all, it was very pleasant. Given I'm often in town on a Saturday, or otherwise Hilary's there in the week, I'm finding we're buying much less of our meat from the supermarket. If only the butchers in Witney was open when I go to Waitrose after work, we'd buy even less.

If you haven't visited a butchers recently, try it. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised :)