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MP3s of Radio 4 - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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MP3s of Radio 4 [Nov. 8th, 2004|07:56 pm]
For some time now, whenever I've missed a show on radio 4, it has been a bit of a pain to get it in a convenient form to listen to. Most of the time, I want to listen to the missed show in my car, when going on a train etc. This typically involves finding the Listen Again page, finding the .ram link, extracting from that the .rm link inside it, then passing this to "mplayer -dumpstream" to get a copy of the .rm file, passing this to "mplayer -ao pcm" to get the wave file, then burning that to cd.

To my surprise, just before the archers tonight there was an advert for downloadable mp3 versions of In Our Time. (That's the cool 45 minute discussion on something historical and interesting every Thursday from 9).

You can already grab last week's show here, which was all about the early studies and shows of electricity. Since I missed a few bits of that program, it's quite handy :)

Admittedly, the streams are only 40kbps (as opposed to 128 for their ogg vorbis streams), but it's still a start. I guess we have to hope it starts happening for more shows, and doesn't go the way of the ogg's, but this does seem to have much more backing from the top than the ogg stuff did. Chalk up another one for the bbc :)