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Christmas [Dec. 27th, 2004|11:52 am]
The weather on Christmas day was a little disapointing. It was overcast, and the temperature was mearly "warm" (still shorts and t shirt though). Hilary dragged me off to church in the morning (local Anglican church, quite a nice building, interesting service but did include a singing+guitar rendition of part of Matthew....). To our suprise, we discovered quite a few cafes were open by the time we were heading home. Probably 1/3 of them were open, as were a couple of shops.

We spent most of the afternoon on a meandering walk up the coast, which was nice - the weather was perfect for a medium length walk. We spent the early evening watching the Australian Ballroom and Latin championships on the TV! Yup, prime time Christmas day, and they were showing dancing :)

Boxing day was the start of the Syndey-Hobart (Tasmania) ocean going yacht race, so we were planning to walk to see this from a nearby headland. Unfortunately, we'd forgotten how far the walk was, so once we realised it was a case of frantic sandwich making before dashing out of the door! Still, we managed to get to a good (if slightly crowded) lookout to watch them all head past. It was amazing just how many boats were out in the Harbour watching. (I took some photos, but uploading is really slow from the internet cafe, so they might not be up for a while).

After the boats had passed, we had some lunch, and headed onwards to the Spit. There's a really nice walk from Manly, around all the beaches and headlands (mostly national parks) along to the Spit Bridge. We're not quite sure how long the walk is (the distances given on different signs weren't consistent), but it took about 5 hours in all. There are a lot of ups and downs along it, thankfully mostly with steps, as you move around all the different headlands, and down to the beaches along the way. Quite a few stunning views of the harbour and city too, which is nice. Tiring though...

Today, we're heading off to Paramata, then on to the Olympic park for a swim. Well, we hope to - their website suggests they're open today, but fails to have a specific page for Christmas opening times.....