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[LJ2ME] Swimming Pools - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] Swimming Pools [Dec. 31st, 2004|05:38 pm]
We've just been to the local pool in Manly. A 9 lane 50m pool, a 6 lane 25m pool and a fun pool. A swim costs about 2 quid, cheaper for students. Oh, and it's open air.
A few days ago we went to the olympic pool. Same set up, same number of pools (but the fun one was bigger), and only about 4 quid.
Why can't we have anything like the same in the uk?

From: (Anonymous)
2004-12-31 07:09 am (UTC)
'Cos it's too cold most of the time for open air pools in the UK, Nick! Also becuase England has so far missed out on its bids to host the Olympics. Perhaps if London succeeds for 2012 they'll build an olympic pool then.
By the way, how much does it cost for a swim in the UK these days? I presume from your comments it must be a lot more than 2 quid.
I'm enjoying your blog from Oz, but how about a bit more news on what Jane, Brian and Laura are up to, or perhaps the occasional photo of them.
Happy New Year from the godmother.

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From: gagravarr
2005-01-10 07:41 am (UTC)
Even if only half their 50m pools are inside, there are still far more indoor 50m pools on the north shore of Sydney (let alone the whole of Sydney, pop a mear 8m) than in the whole of the UK.....

London 2012 would get us one or 2 more 50m pools. That only leaves a few hundred more to match the Australians on a per-capita basis!

A swim in the UK at a public pool usually costs between 3.50 and 5 quid, depending on the area and who owns it. Full annual external membebership at the University pool is 400 pounds, and it's a similar amount at other private pools that emphasise swimming (less at ones that are less sport focused)
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-01-05 10:00 pm (UTC)
Well, there's always the open air pool down at Lake Street - not really in the same league though. If it was 10 degrees hotter in the UK, there'd be one at the end of every street I'm sure.

Not doing any moblogging on set yet?

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From: gagravarr
2005-01-10 07:44 am (UTC)
Oxford has an open air pool down at Ferry Hinksey, which is quite nice in summer.

I did limited moblogging because of mobile phone issues after the new year. Expect a ranting post on it later...
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