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[LJ2ME] Koalas - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[LJ2ME] Koalas [Jan. 5th, 2005|10:56 am]
On Sunday we headed down to Melbourne, and we spent Sunday evening and all day Monday doing the sights, riding the trams etc. Weather was ok, but a bit changeable, but we enjoyed it all the same. Oh, and on Sunday night, we went to Philip Island to see the little penguins come ashore, which was very cute.

Today, we started along the Great Ocean Road. This follows the rugged coastline to the south west of Melbourne. We're now staying about half way along, but we passed through Kennett River just before the end of the day.

We'd nearly ended up staying there, so my mother had emailed the people there, and had been told to stop in and see the koalas. We were directed up the road just behind the camp site, and set off at slow speed in search.

Within 50m, we'd spotted 2 koalas. Within the 1 mile we drove, we'd seen 20 of them, a few even awake! Lots of koalas in their natural element, which was sleepy but quite hard to spot. It was definately a good detour to take, we'd definately recommend it!