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Alias [Feb. 13th, 2005|10:58 pm]
It has been a while since I bought 3 seasons of Alias on dvd, as a whim. I didn't actually start watching it until about October, but got into it fairly quickly.

20 dvds later, and I've finally finished all 3 of the seasons I have. While it has had the odd flaky moment, a few plot twists I spotted a mile off, and distressing several more that Hilary got and I didn't..... I've definitely enjoyed watching it. I'd also heartily recommend it to anyone who likes a mix of suspense, action, mystery, a hint of sci-fi, and a fair dose of decent drama. It does take a while to watch it all, but you ought to have a good time as you get through.

It's now time for a slight Alias break in my viewing habits, as I'll have to wait for the summer to get season 4 on dvd. What shall I watch instead?

Oh, and if anyone wants to borrow the dvds, give me a shout. Go on, you'll enjoy them :)