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Organic food to my desk - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Organic food to my desk [Apr. 11th, 2005|10:54 pm]
I've tended to find that the biggest hassle with eating organic food, especially fruit+veg, actually getting it into my fridge. Yes, I am a bit lazy, but who isn't? Next up is the issue of picking something different, then things like knowing how to cook it, ensuring it wasn't flown from the moon, usual sorts of things.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the wonderful people at Abel & Cole. They're an organic food home delivery service, and so far have proved as good as I'd hoped.

They have two different services, one if you happen to live where their delivery vans venture, or a slightly smaller offering if you don't (that one works by courier). Home is served by the full service, but also features a largely Chav proof gate that gets closed around lunchtime. Not quite so convenient for an all day delivery when we're not in. So, for now I'm getting the courier service to work, but hopefully they'll extend full deliverys out to my office before too long :)

Anyway, having signed up, you pick what "package" you want. They have a number of different ones, varying in size and fruit-to-veg ratios. Every week they'll pick a mix of in season, as locally as possibly produced, fruit + veg, and pop it in a box. The website tells you a week in advance what you're likely to get, so you can request they remove an item or two, and provide them with some hints of what you want instead. Shortly after, a box of food appears on your desk at work. Magic!

Oh, and along with the box is a letter telling you about the food, suggesting a few recipes etc. If you're not sure on a given item (like me and Jerusalem Artichoke this week), then their website handily tells you how to store, prepare and cook the thing. Couldn't really ask for more (well, other than a full delivery service to my office, and then fixing a couple of bugs in their website which show up with firefox, but you can't have everything....)

So, go on, try it. You'll be surprised how many vegetables you'll actually like cooking and eating when someone else goes to the trouble of getting them into your kitchen!