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The Phoenix, and The Chorus - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Phoenix, and The Chorus [Apr. 12th, 2005|11:28 pm]
Tonight, Hilary's off at a conference, so I decided to nab Dom and go and see a film. We settled on The Chorus, and all seemed good. Well, until I started cycling. Last night, I went to the gym, and did a harder than usual work out. Tonight, cycling to Jericho, I noticed not only this but just how much further it is to Jericho than last year :(

Anyway, having made it there just in time, I discovered my membership had run out. That explains the lack of programs recently.... Freshly membership renewed and recovered from the cycle, I headed in.

The film itself was really really good. The colours were slightly washed out and pastelled, which really suited the atmosphere of the film. It was suitably dark when needed, but with the high points shining through without jarring. The singing, which occurred more frequently as the film progressed, really worked. The music was good, and it never felt forced into the film. While the story was quite simple, the individual scenes that made it up were good, and overall it worked well.

Definitely one to go and see, even if it does involve a cycle of quite that far to see it :)