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Walking in the Peak District - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Walking in the Peak District [Apr. 20th, 2005|09:03 pm]
This weekend, a few of us went for a wander in the Peak District. On Hilary's advice, we stayed at the Edale YHA (a slight 2 or so miles from Edale itself, and the only pub).

On our arrival, we passed a number of BMWs, a porche, and several other nice cars. We also struggled to park :( It turns out that a group planning to go walking in Africa for charity were already there, which filled the car park. Oh, and it meant that the queues at dinner and breakfast were longer than usual. That said, it was amusing to see all these people in shiny new walking kit, not quite sure how to wear it all, and muttering about how hard a walk they'd done. Mental note - check with YHA staff about the number of BMWs expected before booking....

Apart from the long queues at dinner, the hostel was great. We were in the new rooms, which were bright and a decent size. When there wasn't a huge queue for dinner, the food was quite nice, and the staff were helpful. If it wasn't that we ended up doing most of the decent walks around there in our time, it'd be one to go back to!

On the Saturday afternoon, we set off for Castleton. We went over the main ridge, across to Back Tor, down into Castleton for tea and to collect dom, then finally back across a different bit of the ridge. The walk was good, the views were nice, and it got everyone warmed up.

On Sunday, we did our big walk. Setting off, we dropped one car in Hayfield, then headed on to Hope Woodlands. Here we followed the river along the bottom of Kinder Scout peaks, fording the odd stream as we went. It wasn't too windy, was pleasantly sunny, and an enjoyable walk. We headed up to the ridge and onto the Pennine Way, and climbed up to the top. Despite the wind and the lack of path, we headed across to the trig point, so Hilary could tick off another peak. Then we returned to the path, fought against the wind for a few more miles, and finally dropped down the side of the hill and along to the car at Hayfield. Luckily, the caravan based greasy spoon was still there, so we got to have tea and sausage baps :)

Sunday brought rain, and less of an inclination to go walking. Dom and Alex decided to go for a short wander around Hope and Aston, and didn't get too wet. Hilary, Gillian and myself went to the caves at Treak Cliff. We arrived just as they were opening up, and got a tour around the caves for just the three of us. It was really interesting, and also quite amusing to see the guide (a graduate biologist) struggle to answer the questions of two Oxford Chemists. Still, he did a good job, despite normally only showing around school children. Somehow, I don't think they'll forget the monday morning 10am tour with two blonde twins in a hurry!

All in all, an enjoyable weekend. I believe next up will be a similar length trip to somewhere like the Black Mountains, a little later in the year, if anyone fancies joining us. Otherwise, the photos are in the usual place.

From: (Anonymous)
2005-04-21 11:11 pm (UTC)
Black Mountains sound great - let me know if you have if you have a space in your car!
Like the pics... great scenery there. And that T-shirt is inspired :-o
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From: gagravarr
2005-04-22 07:17 am (UTC)
Should have space, but depending on who goes it might make sense for you to get a train slightly closer, and get picked up. I'll shout nearer the time.

On the T-shirt front, I take it you mean Gillian's new one? :)
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