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The offers with freeipoduk.co.uk - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The offers with freeipoduk.co.uk [Apr. 20th, 2005|09:23 pm]
As I mentioned in a previous post, the Free IPod pyramid craze has come to the UK, in the form of FreeIPodUK.co.uk. I've signed up, mostly to see how it works, but also on the off-chance that I do happen to get an ipod to give to Hilary (she's not so struck on my Rio Karma).

These schemes are all quite common (well, the reputable ones anyway). You sign up, complete a few offers, persuade a few others to do the same, and you get something for free. It all works because the sponsors pay the giveaway company for getting them the customer, and also because not everyone can get enough people after them in the pyramid.

The real key to the schemes from an end user's point of view is how easy is it to complete the offers without spending much / any money and without huge amounts of hassle. What follows is a list of how easy / expensive the offers as of 20/04/05 seem to be, ordered by cost then effort.

  • Ebay is the easiest one. Sign up for a new account (give them an address and a real email address, that's it). Bid on something (you don't have to win, so something newly listed is good), and you complete the offer. Easiest by far, and free.
  • American Express - if you sign up and they accept you, you've got it. Will involve a few forms, not already having amex, and them accepting you. If you have good credit, and don't mind the odd bit of amex junk mail, should be a fairly easy and free one.
  • Morgan Stanley - another credit card one. As above, but a different provider.
  • Lloyds - open a current account online, and get 30 quid plus complete the offer. Sounds even easier than the credit card ones, until you discover UK anti-money laundering regulations. Having applied, you'll then have to take lots of identity documents to a branch, or get a doctor/lawyer/etc to notarise copies. So, free, gets 30 quid, but hassle with proving your identity.
  • Cahoot - open a current account online. Like Lloyds, only they don't have branches to take ID to, so expect much more hassle as you get things notarised. Free though
  • Equitalk - sign up for one of their prefix dialing plans to complete. You have to put some money onto your account to sign up, so it's not free. Not too much hassle otherwise, and you can get some free calls, but you do have to spend at least a fiver.
  • Several gambling sites - sign up, put 5-10 quid into you account and you're there. You'll have to pay, and you'll probably get more junk mail than most, depends on if you like gambling really.
  • Powergen - switch electricity + gas to them. Could end up costing more if you've already got a good deal, and changing suppliers can often be a nightmare (old supplier "forgets" to stop billing etc). Probably only worth it if you haven't already switched.
  • CD / Music clubs - you have to sign up to keep buying stuff, but you might be able to cancel really soon. Probably a lot of faff though, and you have to pay for at least some stuff.
  • BT Broadband / Yahoo Broadband - sign up for one of their more expensive broadband packages. With minimum contracts, this could work out quite a lot, unless you were going to do it anyway.
  • Sky - again needs a monthly payment, so as above.

So, you can get it without spending anything, if you have good credit and/or can be bothered to faff with banks. You can pay a little bit and buy some credit with something to get it. Or, you can sign up to some monthly thing, and go through the hassle of cancelling.

The important thing is you can probably complete the offers without spending too much time or money. Then you just need to get 5 friends to do the same. If you fancy signing up via this link, that'd be great!

From: (Anonymous)
2005-04-30 06:25 pm (UTC)


i recomend going to www.exceem.co.uk

its owned by the second person in the uk to have recieved one and he is now helping other people to get one for free

he has also got other free stuff for himself and his members


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From: (Anonymous)
2005-07-01 10:29 pm (UTC)

3iPod UK

Check out http://www.3ipod.co.uk the guy there got a iPod from freeipods.com the best freeipod scheme out there at the moment!
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