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Finding the Service Tag of your Dell from Linux - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Finding the Service Tag of your Dell from Linux [Apr. 28th, 2005|04:51 pm]
One thing that often annoyed me with Dell was the fact that you couldn't use their website to auto-detect what machine you have with linux. With Windows, you can go to their website, click a button, and a little activeX script would tell you what machine you have, what service code it has etc. This is very handy when the machine in question is in a server room a few hundred miles away, and the guy who bought it is on holiday....

Today, I was playing with Dell OpenManage for Linux. Tucked away in linux/supportscripts/prereqcheck I found a nifty little utility. It's called "sysreport", is 1mb big, and it'll tell you things like the service tag, the bios revision, and the product name. It even runs on our EM64T box without issue!

Quite why it's so hidden away I don't know. It ought to be an easy download from their linux site, not buried away.

(For anyone struggling to find the download for OpenManage for Linux, ignore the instructions on their linux site, since those are crap. Go to the normal driver downloads for your machine (or one you know), pick a type of "Systems Management" and an OS of RHEL3, and grab the latest "Dell OpenManage Server Administrator" listed there)