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Contact lenses don't like me - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Contact lenses don't like me [May. 9th, 2005|06:29 pm]
Whilst walking in the Peaks a few weeks back, I was finally convinced to go and get some disposable contacts for doing outdoors type things. Last week, I rang the friendly people at SpeckSavers in Witney, and was surprised to find they could fit me in the next working day!

Last Tuesday, I headed in just after lunch. A quick test confirmed my eyes were fine for contacts, then with quite a bit of struggle (my blink reflex is apparently much stronger than usual) the optician put some contacts in. I headed out for a contacts "teach", where someone tried to teach me to take them out and put them back in. Try was definitely the right word - after 40 minutes and with irritated eyes I hadn't managed to take either out, so the optician had to :(

I went back in on Friday, having practiced putting my finger really close to my eye. This time it was with a different teacher, and went slightly better. I still wasn't able to put the lenses in, but it was much easier for the optician to. After nearly an hour, I still hadn't managed to take either of them out, but I was able to slide them around on my eye. (Despite being able to pull them one way or the other, I just wasn't able to create the crumple to be able to lift them out with).

Today, I was back again. I did actually manage to put one lense in (my blinking is slightly weaker on the left hand side), but wasn't able to take it out. Again, I was able to move it about and get it to where it ought to be able to be picked out, I just couldn't seem to get a purchase on it before I blinked and knocked it back into place. Bah.

Next up, the friendly opticians are ordering in a different make of disposable contacts. Apparently, these are made of something slight different, and perhaps I'll have more luck. It seems that the problem is a mixture of me having to strong a blink reflex, and the current lenses just sticking to well to my eye.

Oh well. Perhaps I'll be able to use contacts in a week or so. For now, I'm convinced they hate me....