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Avoiding Supermarkets - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Avoiding Supermarkets [May. 29th, 2005|05:37 pm]
It occurred to me recently that Hilary and myself have largely been avoiding supermarkets recently.

Almost all of our veg appears weekly from Abel And Cole. Other than the odd onion or bit of fruit, all our fruit and veg needs are now met by the box. (We're also eating more veg than before, but that's a different story).

I've started going to the butchers in Charlbury most weeks when fetching the lunch, which handles most of our meat needs. The butchers is actually generally cheaper than the supermarket, which was a bit of a surprise. They've got about the same range as a supermarket (well, a better range than the local Sainsbury's on a Sunday afternoon!), and they're happy to bag everything up ready for freezing. No more dividing packs up to freeze - just ask the butcher and it's done. It also requires less thought - I can wander in and ask for "some nice meat for stir frying", "enough meat to stew for 4", and something both very suitable and very nice is suggested. Add in the odd trip to a butchers in the Covered Market or on Cowley Road (for those weekend meat needs), and I haven't needed to buy meat from a supermarket for ages.

Every few weeks, I pop into Witney at lunchtime, and go to the health food store there. They have a good range of different kinds of rice, different kinds of flour, pasta, quinoa etc.

That doesn't leave very much left to buy. Given it's not much, a trip to the co-op is usually a better bet than braving an oversized Sainsbury's with insufficient tills. I'd say that in a 3 week period, I'll go to Waitrose once, Sainsbury's twice, and between us we'll go to the co-op 4-5 times.

So, we've managed to end up largely avoiding multinational supermarkets, getting nicer food, and possibly even spending less (certainly not spending any more). I think it might even take less time too!