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New Phone [May. 30th, 2005|01:13 pm]
A few weeks ago, my mobile contract expired. Last weekend, I was in the vodafone store sorting out phones for work, I enquired about getting a new phone + contract. I've been using GPRS for mobile data for a couple of years now, but the latency has always meant it hasn't always been good enough for everything I'd hoped to use it for.

Ross has just got himself a Nokia 6630, since his contract had just expired. The 6630 is the first Nokia series 60 phone to do 3G, and Ross is very impressed with the much improved latency and bandwidth on 3G. So, I decided I might as well get a 3G phone whilst I was upgrading.

I decided to stick with the Nokia series 60 platform, since I've got on well with it. That meant I had a choice of two phones, the 6630 and the 6680. The 6680 is a little newer, so a little pricier, and doesn't require a separate stand for video calling. Since I'm not planning to do any video calling, I opted for the 6630.

The vodafone store weren't able to give me a good upgrade deal to the 6630, because apparently my monthly spending wasn't high enough. So, I got a quote for moving to 3 from the Link, which was quite a lot better. I rang the vodafone upgrade people, but they couldn't quite match it (though they did get much closer than the store, apparently because they have more room for maneuver). Then I rang the "I'm thinking of leaving vodafone" people, and they beat the 3 offer :)

The new handset arrived in the week, and overall I'm quite impressed with it. They've put in a faster processor, and the menus are definitely snappier. There are a few new productivity apps, and 3G for data is a big improvement over GPRS. Probably the only two downsides are that it doesn't come with Opera (last one did, one before didn't) so I'll have to buy it, and that it only supports packet data for data access (no GSM dial-up, so no using spare minutes for internet access, and no using GNUBox to do IP over Bluetooth). Also, a couple of my old applications no longer work (it's running a very slightly different revision of series 60), but I hope they'll be updated shortly to work.

As ever, my Series 60 and Linux page has been updated with my latest findings.