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FGWL seems an improvement on Trames Trains - Nick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FGWL seems an improvement on Trames Trains [Jun. 14th, 2005|02:51 pm]
Going to London on the train from Oxford used to be fairly bad. You'd get to the station, a dirty 3 coach diesel train would pull up. It would normally be coming from the sidings, but still be late + dirty + have half the toilets out of order. The seats weren't very comfortable, and there wouldn't be enough tables. Oh, and it'd normally get in to London late.

That was with Thames Trains. They're now gone, and we have First Great Western Link.

I'm currently on my way to London to visit our datacentre. I got to Oxford, and saw my train was to be FGWL, so I didn't have high hopes. A few minutes before the train was due to leave, a 9 coach 125 pulled up at the platform. It was clean, the toilets all worked. I found a comfy seat, and it had a table. The train left on time, and is currently scheduled to arrive a few minutes early into London.

What a difference! I think I might have to get the train more often now, it's now both quicker and comfier than the bus, and not that much pricer. If they'd only offer power socekts, they'd have everything :)

(That said, with my new batteries, I'm only down to 80% battery after 50 minutes, so perhaps I don't need a socket when I'm only going for an hour)