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Edinburgh [Aug. 21st, 2005|06:20 pm]

This weekend, I headed up to the Edinburgh Fringe, with Dave + Ollie + zihuatenejo. We were staying at Ollie's parent's house, who were on holiday for a few weeks.

I got up a bit late, because Hilary was feeling a bit off, so I couldn't leave until she was feeling better. Alex and Ollie headed up earlier on Thursday, and were able to collect programs and guides. Dave collected me from the station, we grabbed some beers, and headed out to Ollie's house. Ollie's house really is in the middle of no-where, which meant it was peaceful but hard to find!

We already had tickets for a few shows, but we spent the night reading reviews and selected some others to view. We ended up with a packed program, mostly of reviewed works.

On the Friday, we missed the first play we hoped to catch. We then watched 4 shows: The Odd Couple (4*), Oleanna (4*), Amateur Transplants (5*), The Stand Late Show (4*)

Saturday we started a bit earlier, and got in 5 shows - Reduced Shakespeare Company (3*), Somebody Shut Her Up (3*), Mikey The Pikey (4*), Bouncers (2*), Catch 22 (5*)

Sunday we only saw the one, before having to get the train home - Enola (5*)

The Odd couple was a good show, and worked quite well. However, I did find a few bits in the script a bit odd, where it didn't quite work for me. We did all enjoy it though. 4*

Oleanna is a really difficult and challenging play. It took a little while for the cast to get the feel of cutting over each other, but it was a very good and powerful performance. Definitely worth seeing, but you will need to take a break after it, because it does affect you. 4*

Amateur Transplants - genius. Mostly stuff from the CD, but a lot of short new numbers, a few variations, and few new pieces. Totally not PC, but very funny. Buy the cd! 5*

The Stand Late Show - 4 acts and a compare, lasting two hours. All the acts were good, the 2nd guy was great, just the sort of thing you'd expect from a late night comedy set. Nothing earth-shattering, but a good set all the same. 4*

Reduced Shakespeare Company - some good moments, but really not up to their past standards. Funny in many places, but just didn't sparkle. Should have been better. 3*

Somebody Shut Her Up - a random selection to fill a gap in the program, but a good short show. 4 different monolgues, each good but could have used being a tiny bit tighter. Worth seeing to fill a lunchtime slot though - 3*

Mikey The Pikey. It's a musical about chavs, and a decent one too. Good fun, smart dialogue, some catchy numbers. With a few tweaks it could even be good enough for a west end slot! For now, it's a good one to see, especially if you can get a front-of-house seat (the side ones in the Pleasance do leave you not able to hear everything clearly). 4*

Bouncers was on just before catch-22, so we decided to try it. It was a bit dated, and the acting didn't quite work. Give it a miss until it gets a re-write. 2*

Catch-22 - it was a great performance, and a great play. Thought provoking, entertaining, and very well done. One to see - 5*

Enola - a new work about the Atom Bomb, and Enola Gay (the person, granddaughter of who the plane was named after). Really well done, and really made you think. Contained a lot of interesting historical insight, and made you think. See it, but get there early, as they're showing it in a cave... - 5*