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Sunburn [Sep. 25th, 2005|07:30 pm]
This weekend, Hilary + Alex Gough + Myself went for a bit of a wander in Wales. We stayed at the very nice Brecon YHA (easily the nicest evening meal I've had at a YHA), and wandered nearby.

Yesterday, we did the main Brecon Beacons horse-shoe, but not the usual way around. We started off to the north, and went up Corn Du. We then followed the ridge to the south, and crossed the valley at the resevoir. After a spot of lunch and marvelling at the impressive victorian engineering of the dams, we wandered up the other side of the valley. After a quick detour up Fan y Big, we climbed up Cribyn, then up Pen y Fan. Finally, we headed down the north ridge, and to the car.

We'd been expecting not very nice weather for Saturday, so brought waterproofs. In the end, it was a bit breezy, but normally sunny. This meant we all got sunburnt faces!

Today, we went over to the Black Mountains. The weather wasn't quite so nice (very windy on the tops of the ridges, the occassional patch of rain, more what we'd expected), but there were enough patches sun to top up our sunburn! We started near Pengenfford, and climbed up Y Grib onto Rhos Dirion. Having reach the trig point, backtracked a tiny bit, and then headed south up to Waun Fach, all the time watching the gliders playing in the thermals above us. We came off the ridge to the west, down Pen Trumau, then headed west back towards the car, reaching it via castle hill.

All in all, a very nice weekend's walking. Next we have Dartmoor in a month, but we think we might come back and do the east of the black mountains in the spring.

From: davehiggins
2005-09-26 09:45 pm (UTC)
> easily the nicest evening meal I've had at a YHA

Ah, but how were the speeches? :-)
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